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Artist | Photography
Current Residence: Denmark, but constantly on the move (I'm Canadian, in case anyone was wondering)
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock
Favourite photographer: Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Joel Meyerowitz
MP3 player of choice: U2 Ipod
Personal Quote: "The void awaits surely all them that weave the wind" - James Joyce
As anyone watching me has probably noticed, I'm not the journal-writing type.  

I just never felt like I had anything to say.

I just take pictures.

And what little free time I have is spent doing just that, or editing them, and not writing about them.

And the funny thing is, I don't even know why I do it. And I don't know why I can't stop doing it either.

The thing is, I wasn't always a photographer. Prior to mid 2008, I had almost no interest in photography.  

I had always had an interest and drawing and sculpting, and also painting and to a lesser extent, poetry (though I have to confess, I'm a terrible poet.).  

But photography never really caught on.  

When I was teenager I was briefly interested in photography and I tried to get into wildlife photography. I lived in British Columbia, Canada, so I guess it was natural. Anyway, I was trying to photograph one of my many pets (a pet lizard...'wildlife', honest!) with a Carl Zeiss Macro (I think it was a 100mm f2.8...but I might have it was a long time ago)  and I managed to drop the camera and damage the lens. The lens belonged to my father and it look my entire life savings to pay him back (not that much money, but then, I was only 16). And that was the end of photography for me.  

Paint brushes don't break when you drop them.  

Sculptures do, but that's another story.  

And then for years and years I had absolutely no interest in photography as an art form. I still had my old Contax 139 but I almost never, ever used it. And I didn't own a digital camera of my own until 2009.  

What happened? I really don't know.  

I was wandering around in Munich one August in 2008 (yes, I am aware that 2008 only had one August in it) and I was the artist’s district. At least someone told me that's what it was. I liked how the light looked on some of the buildings and I decided to borrow a digital camera from someone and take some pictures.  

I took my pictures and I loaded them up into my computer and played with them a bit in PS.  

I then I decided to take more pictures....and more...and I ended up thinking it was cool to make faux IR pictures and neat looking shots of local parks and then Photoshop the hell out of them....but something stuck and I just kept shooting.  

I wondered when I would get bored with it and move so often happened with many of my various 'passions' over the years.  

But I didn't get bored, and I kept taking pictures.   

And then I got my own digital SLR. I thought it was really cool and I shot the hell out of it.  

Then someone showed me a Leica M and it was love at first sight and I've been shooting with an M4 (and now an M4-P) ever since...on film.  

And what the hell happened?  

How do you go from no interest at all in photography to being avid – if amateur – photographer?

I don't know. And I was wondering about it today and since I never write journals, I thought I'd write it down.

I hope no one fell asleep while reading this.   

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lifary Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
thanks for the fav :) (Smile)
lifary Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
thanks for the fav :)
MJamesThompson Feb 10, 2014  Professional Photographer
Hello! I cam across your work while looking through the photography section. I've started following you and I'm looking forward to watching your portfolio grow. If you would be interested in sharing images please consider following me also. Hopefully we can share thoughts about our art and learn more about each other. Have a wonderful day!

M. James Thompson supported through Four Stars Two Bars Abroad
LittleBlackWing13 Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
haronsky Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Wonderful gallery!
thelizardking25 Dec 30, 2013   Photographer
Thanks a lot!

Happy New Year!
pw3r Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Welcome to #Fujifilm-Analog and thank you for joining!

The submission rules can be found in the Group Info on the group Home page and on the About Us page.

thelizardking25 Dec 30, 2013   Photographer
Thanks for the nice welcome - I'll be sure to check out the info and about us page.
Magician-Of-Time Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You're welcome! Keep up the good work. Heart 
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